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Promotions and Retirements


We are proud to announce our Cannon Air Commandos who have been selected for promotion.

Promotion releases serve two purposes: First, we should make every attempt to show our support and congratulate those who have been selected for promotion; second, it is an opportunity for those selected for promotion to say thank you to the team that helped them achieve their next rank - no one gets selected for promotion on their own.

We encourage everyone to take a look at the lists below of selects and send congratulations to them for a job well done.

CMSgt Release

               Cannon’s chief master sergeant selects:

               SMSgt Jason Arnott, 524th SOS              

               SMSgt Christopher Egbert, 27th SOAMXS 

               SMSgt Michael Evans Jr., 27th SOAMXS

               SMSgt Christopher Goninan, 27th SOW/IG

               SMSgt James Royston Jr., 27th SOMXS

SMSgt Release

             Cannon’s senior master sergeant selects:

             MSgt Harley Ainsworth, 20th SOS
             MSgt Armando Carrion, 43rd IS
             MSgt Billy Duncan, 33rd SOS
             MSgt Gladston Hall, 27th SOCES
             MSgt Starla Hall, 56th SOIS
             MSgt Anthony Hamilton, 27th SOSFS
             MSgt Whitfield Jack, 27th SOAMXS
             MSgt Tori Lockhart, 12th SOS
             MSgt Justin Michaels, 27th SOW
             MSgt Jason Shell, 27th SOCES
             MSgt Anthony Thompson, 27th SOLRS
             MSgt John Weimer, 27th SOLRS

2015 MSgt Release

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2015 Staff Sgt. Release


Senior Airman Below-the-Zone Release