A graphic reads "Commando Spark" infront of blue digital background and sits next to the 27 SOW shield

Connecting Air Commandos with Solution Providers


What is Spark?

Inspiring a bottom-up culture of innovation—grassroots problem solving.

Commando Spark creates opportunities for external partners like industry, academia, and DoD agencies to work directly with Cannon Air Commandos with the goal of fielding rapid solutions.


Consulting and Concierge Service

Collaborating with Airmen to identify a problem set & develop the solutions in-house and/or refer ideas to outside agencies.


Build Clovis-Area Network

Furnish Airmen with opportunities for individuals to partner with the local private sector and academia.


Funding Management

Guide base-level innovators and “intrapraneurs” (internal entrepreneurs) toward traditional or other sources of funding their solution.


If you have questions or an idea you would like to submit to the Commando Spark team, contact them at 27SOWCP.SOCPTS.27SOWSparkCell@us.af.mil