The graphic for the 27th Special Operations Wing's Continuous Improvement and Innovation Cell

Inspire, Unleash, Accelerate, Win 


Inspire an innovative mindset, unleash evolutionary and transformational ideas, and accelerate Air Commando-led initiatives to adapt and win the future fight.


Empowered Air Commandos...persistently adapting, relentlessly innovating.


What is CI2?

CIis a merger of Continuous Process Improvement (CPI) and Airmen Powered by Innovation (API). 

CPI is the 'Improvement' portion of CI2. It has a focus on evolutionary changes that affect performance.

The 'Innovation' portion of CI2 contains all innovative efforts for the 27 SOW (think: Commando Spark and AFWERX).  The focus is transformational changes that affect capability.

These independent systems continually collaborate.  Together, we can build a network of resources and a team of supporters to help accelerate change.

Ready to Innovate?

If you have questions or an idea you would like to submit to the Coyote Spark Cell, contact them here.

Ready to Improve?

Find out how to become a Continual Process Improvement Green Belt here.