27th Special Operations Wing News

  • Parker Knight secures Youth of the Year

    Parker Knight was named Cannon Air Force Base’s 2019 Youth of the Year for his willingness to volunteer and lead events at the Youth Center, his good character and written essays.
  • Comedian returns to Cannon

    The lights turn on, beating down on the stage. The crowd is hidden in darkness, composed of no more
  • AFSOC in two words: Humble Competence

    Yes, I am an Air Commando through and through. But, I am also an Airman to the core
  • What You Should Know About Rabies

    When you hear rabies, what is the first thing that comes to mind? A dog or cat foaming at the mouth resembling a zombie?
  • Making mosquitos a moot issue

    Summer is here! It is a great time for doing outdoor activities. Yet, these warmer months and longer days not only bring fun in the sun, but set up a great environment for mosquitoes and other pests. One of the mosquito-borne diseases that can be found in Clovis, New Mexico is West Nile Virus.

Air Force News

  • AFMC conducts focus groups across enterprise

    The AFMC We Need enterprise-wide initiative, launched in late June 2019, seeks inputs and recommendations from AFMC civilian and military Airmen that can help posture the command to best support the National Defense Strategy today and in the decades to come.
  • Whiteman AFB commemorates 30-year anniversary of B-2 test flight

    For three decades, B-2 crews have participated in five major military operations and countless training engagements. The bomber has completed missions in Kosovo, Afghanistan, Iraq and, most recently, Libya. The B-2 was also the first aircraft over Afghanistan after the 9/11 attacks, for which aircraft and crew hold the record for longest combat mission at 44.3 hours. The stealth bomber has been a vital component of America’s national defense and stands as a symbol of the Air Force’s global strike capabilities.
  • Air advisors train with Niger Armed Forces

    Air advisors assigned to the 409th Expeditionary Security Forces Squadron conducted training with
  • Wright-Patterson AFB opens cyber defense facility

    One of the Air Force’s ongoing challenges is to create processes, infrastructure and capabilities to counter threats to its weapon systems. To address this, organizations are looking at creative ways to forge partnerships and alliances to advance the cyber resiliency of weapon systems by protecting information and eliminating communications barriers.
  • 57th Rescue Squadron stays rapidly ready

    The 57th Rescue Squadron participates in jump training at least once a quarter, over both land and sea, to keep their skills and knowledge sharp in case they are ever needed in an emergency. The training not only benefits the pararescuemen, but requires harmonization with the squadron’s support agencies and even other bases – in this case, the C-130 and its crew.

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