Cannon Visitor Center

Open 7 days a week
Hours: 6 a.m. - 6 p.m.

Phone: (575) 784-2400

For passes outside normal of normal hours,

please call the Base Defense Operations Center at 784-4111 for guidance.


Unofficial Visitor Access

Effective November 1, 2021, the hours for the Visitor Control Center (VCC) are 6 a.m. to 10 p.m., daily. After-hours Unofficial Visitor Base Pass Requests must be processed at the Cannon AFB Main Gate from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. All guests must be accompanied to the Main Gate by their sponsor.

As a result of this policy change, all same day unofficial (i.e. personal) Cannon AFB guests who are not in possession of an authorized base access credential, issued a Defense Biometric Identification System (DBIDS) pass, or on an official Entry Authorization List (EAL) must process through the VCC for identity proofing, background vetting (Fitness), and pass issuance with their sponsor or meet their sponsor at the Main Gate during after-hours access requests.

All advance access requests and additions to an EAL must be submitted to the VCC at least 5 days ahead of the visit bye-mailing the VCC organizational e-mail address at ) from a government e-mail address (e.g. The VCC will provide the sponsor with instructions for completing the EAL and all information required from the visitor(s). If the sponsor cannot submit requests from a government e-mail address, they have two options; 1) the sponsor may hand carry the EAL to the VCC at least 5 days in advance or; 2) the sponsor may meet their guest(s) at the VCC on the day of the visit to have a base access pass issued.

NOTE: If the duration of the visit is more than 24 hours, the guest must come to the VCC during operational hours to receive a base access pass.

For official visitors, or visitors accessing the installation for an official purpose (government contractors, non-DoD guests of an organization, etc.), they must contact the host organization's designated official base access sponsor.

NOTE: After May 3, 2023, state-issued driver’s licenses and identification cards with the statement of "Not Valid For Federal Purposes," "Federal Limits May Apply," or any other similar phrases will no longer be used for establishing identity unless the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) extends the deadline. See examples:

Example 1Example 2

U.S. Passports or other valid forms of photo identification, social security card, and birth certificate may be used. Please refer to the DHS website below for the most current state updates.

Please feel free to call the VCC at (575) 784-2400/6300/4499 regarding any questions or concerns.

Helpful Links:

Click here for more information on the Real ID Act:

DBIDS Pre-Enrollment Website: May be used by patrons requesting access to base to establish a guest profile. You can go to the website at

*NOTE: This profile does not grant the guest any base access privileges, but it does significantly reduce the time needed to process a pass request when the guest and sponsor come to the VCC.

Gaining Access

Cannon AFB is a closed installation and proper identification is required to gain access. Proper identification includes but is not limited to:

- DOD Common Access cards
- Military Retiree ID cards
- Military Dependent ID cards
- Local/State/Federal Law Enforcement (ON OFFICIAL BUSINESS)
- Sponsored Guest (i.e. DBIDS card holders)
- Contact Visitor Center Staff for other exceptions

DBIDS card

To receive a DBIDS card you will need the following:

- Sponsorship Paperwork (Long-term request letter signed by a Sponsor and designated
- Current/Valid Driver's License
- Current/Valid Vehicle Registration
- Current/Valid Vehicle Insurance

* Cannon AFB does not accept other installation issued DBIDS cards for base access.

** Non-U.S. Citizens will have to show Proof of Resident Alien Card, Employment
Authorization Card and Social Security Card
in addition to the documents listed above.**

DBIDS pre-enrollment

Did you know? 

You and the personnel whom you sponsor onto DoD installations can significantly reduce the wait time at Visitor Centers by pre-enrolling in the Defense Biometric Identification System (DBIDS).  Visit!/ or scan the QR Code below and provide the requested information, which includes:


  • Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Country of Birth
  • Citizenship
  • Two identifiers (Social Security Number, Passport Number, State ID, Driver’s License, etc.)
  • Gender
  • Ethnicity
  • Hair/Eye Color
  • Height/Weight
  • Address
  • Email
  • Phone Number


  • Name
  • Email/Phone Number
  • Site/Installation
  • Purpose of Visit

Once submitted, the visitor will be provided a screen with a QR code and instructions upon arriving to the installation.  The visitor should print this page or screenshot it on their mobile device and present it to the Visitor Center personnel.


We assist with numerous military/civilian needs such as:

- Short-term guest access
- Long-term access (Sponsorship for official visits requires a commander directed trusted agent)
- Access to protection level areas (will require Security Manager approval)
- Virtual out-processing for Restricted Area Badges
- Veterans Affairs Designated Caregiver Passes

First visit for veterans and caregivers (vhic)

Upon the first visit to the installation, all Veterans and Caregivers must stop at the Visitor Control Center during regular hours of operation. Veterans and Caregivers may enroll for recurring access, which would allow them to proceed to the gate for entry upon subsequent visits without having to stop again at the Visitor Control Center.

As with all other individuals seeking access to DoD installations, all eligible Veterans and Caregivers must pass a basic on-the-spot background check prior to enrolling, and an automated check each time they enter the installation. Veterans and Caregivers with felony convictions, felony arrest warrants, or other types of derogatory information related to criminal history or terrorism may not be permitted entry.

*Note: Access disqualifiers may differ between DoD installations. For further information please visit:

For any comments or questions concerning base access, contact us at (575) 784-2400.



1. Will the sponsor be notified if their guests have been denied base access?
Yes, the VCC staff will contact you via email or by the phone number you provided if your guest(s) have or have NOT been granted access. If your guest(s) do not meet background vetting (Fitness) you may apply for an Exception to Policy for your guest. For this process contact the VCC at (575) 784-2400.

2. Will the VCC receive packages and mail?
The Visitor Control Center will not receive delivery of packages or mail from Amazon, USPS, UPS, FedEx, or any other carrier. All packages or mail sent to the Visitor Control Center will be rejected and returned to the carrier. Please use your on-base address for all personal deliveries.

3. Can I call the VCC for operator services?
The Visitor Control Center is unable to act as an operator service or base locator. We do not have the capability to redirect incoming calls to other offices.

4. Are unofficial foreign national visitors authorized to be on Cannon AFB unescorted?
Unofficial foreign national visitors are not authorized to be on Cannon AFB unescorted at any time. All foreign nationals that are on unofficial visits (e.g. family members) will have to stop by the VCC with identification credentials/passport and be vetted. Once properly vetted, VCC staff will issue a DBIDS paper pass not to exceed 30 days that will state "authorized base access with escort by approved ID holder only." If you are requesting information regarding official visits by foreign personnel, please contact the VCC.

5. Can I leave my vehicle parked in the VCC parking lot?
No, any vehicle left unattended in the VCC parking lot overnight will be subjected to the vehicle being ticketed and/or towed.

6. I lost my CAC. How can I get another one?
Civilian/military members will report to the VCC with a valid photo ID which will be used to verify the individual’s base access authorization and will be issued a temporary pass. If no valid photo ID is available to the member, report to the VCC for assistance.

7. Are commercial or oversize vehicles authorized through any gate on Cannon AFB?
No, all commercial and oversized vehicles must enter through the Portales Gate’s search pit.