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2005 Water Quality Report

CANNON AIR FORCE BASE, N.M. -- The Cannon AFB 2005 Water Quality Report informs water consumers about the source and quality of the base drinking water, and is an annual requirement by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Cannon is proud to provide high quality water to the base population that does not exceed any primary regulatory requirements.

Fluoride levels in the drinking water in Curry County, including Cannon, are slightly above the recommended concentration for aesthetic (taste, odor, color) purposes. These levels of fluoride, however, do not exceed the regulatory levels set by the Environmental Protection Agency and the State of New Mexico and are not dangerous to your health.

Due to the elevated levels, housing residents with children under 10 are encouraged to seek an alternate water source. Currently, the 27th Civil Engineer Squadron Water Plant produces low fluoride water that is distributed at a public tap located at building 336 on base. This tap is available to Cannon personnel 24 hours a day to collect low fluoride water in personally owned containers for personal use.

This information is provided by the 27th Medical Group Bioenvironmental Engineering Flight. For more information concerning this article and/or Cannon water quality, contact the Bioenvironmental Engineering Flight at extension 784-4063.

To view the complete water report, click here.