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Cannon gets newcomers ready faster

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Vernon R. Walter III
  • 27 SOW PA

Arriving at a new base can be a long complicated process, with tasks such as finding a place to live, learning about the new place, and the full in-processing program.

With the recently established Commando Ready Center, in-processing has been condensed from over a week to three days by providing all required training in one central location.

“It’s a wing-wide effort to make it work,” said Laura Jordan, 27th Special Operations Wing community programs and peer network coordinator. “It’s easier to have a couple instructors come to one location, rather than having 20 different people running around base and filling random offices.”

During day one of three, the newest Air Commandos are drenched in information on services provided such as Single Airmen initiatives, what the 27th Special Operation Medical Group offers, and other services available to make their time at Cannon easier so they are more efficient.

“The Air Force Special Operations Command is very different compared to the other commands and we want to make sure our newcomers are aware of what we have to offer,” said Master Sgt. Gloria Kuzmicki, 27th SOW executive services superintendent.

The CRC starts the second day with a full physical assessment. Different tests are conducted to check and inform the new Air Commandos on how to improve themselves, and keep them fit to fight. Body composition test are run to check on each individual’s health and how to maintain a healthy weight. After that, Air Commandos will run on a treadmill surrounded by cameras that give an in-depth view of their running form, and how to improve it.

The afternoon of the second day focuses on the importance of mental health and how to help others maintain it. The ‘Suicide Awareness for Everyone Talk’ is a group discussion intended to make Airmen more comfortable asking those they are concerned about how they can help.

“The idea is that we work on prevention and skill building on the forefront of the four pillars of readiness: mental, physical, social, and spiritual,” Jordan said.

Wrapping up the CRC program, the third day starts with bringing an end to administrative needs by having Air Commandos file any required paperwork, with the help of the instructors to make it a fast and efficient process.

“We want to make sure that Air Commandos have the tools to be successful,” Kuzmicki said. “If we shorten the process and make life easier on them, they can go work to keep Cannon running.”

The afternoon of the third day is a briefing given by wing leadership that not only covers Cannon’s mission and its importance, but how each career field keeps Cannon providing specialized airpower.

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