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AFSOC Executive Director visits Cannon

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Eboni Reams

Stephen Herrera, Air Force Special Operations Command executive director, visited Cannon Air Force Base for a first-hand look at the mission and the Airmen and civilians who accomplish it, June 27-28, 2016.

Herrera is the first executive director for AFSOC, a position which includes supporting the AFSOC commander as the senior civilian contact for synchronizing mission capabilities for the command.

“We’re growing leaders and we’re growing ourselves,” said Herrera. “[Servant leadership] is what that looks like.”

The senior civilian leader received an in-depth review of CAFB, including a tour of the Melrose Air Force Range. He also spoke on important areas pertaining to civilian Air Commandos, such as civilian appreciation and awards, during two all-calls he hosted.

“Civilians can be recognized more than once a year at the end of the rating period,” said Herrera. “We need to use all the arrows in our quiver to recognize our civilians.”

Herrera also discussed the Employee Assistance Program and the new performance management appraisal program.

“If you’re feeling stressed emotionally or financially, EAP can help,” said Herrera. “Never be ashamed to ask for help. It’s extremely important that we support a help-seeking Air Force.”

The executive director highlighted civilian education and development plans which can help with career progression.

“If you want to be the executive director of AFSOC…you may have to do a permanent change of station or get a master’s degree in addition to your bachelor’s and attend some training,” said Herrera. “You have to create a roadmap to get to a milestone, and we’re willing to help you get there.”

Herrera’s new position as executive director, and those who will hold it after him, will serve as a senior leader to both military and civilian Airmen at CAFB and throughout AFSOC.