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  • Do it for the kids

    With the return of the school year, many things around Cannon Air Force Base and Clovis, New Mexico, will be occurring for parents and their children. While this time of year may not seem to have significance to those families without children, the school year actually opens up many opportunities

  • Math in the Military

    Volunteers from Cannon took part in the Math in the Military event at Gattis Middle School in Clovis, New Mexico, Thursday. Air Commandos had the opportunity to put their Air Force practices into a hands-on event for the students of Gattis, which included learning about ratios involving equipment on

  • New MilTA requirements

    Recently, the Air Force made several changes to the tuition assistance program that could affect some recipients of TA in significant ways.The Air Force TA program is a quality-of-life initiative that provides 100 percent of tuition fees for college courses taken by active-duty military members. The