Phone scam seeks info

CANNON AIR FORCE BASE, N.M. -- Numerous people in Clovis over the past few days have received phone calls from an individual stating they were from their Credit Union/Institution and asked them to read off their checking account number at the bottom of their checks. Additionally, some of the complainants stated that if they paid $5.00 they would receive $400.00.

This is a telephone fraud scam. Please note that banks/credit unions will not call members for this information since they already have this information on file.

This is a type of phishing using the telephone and is blatant fraud. Please be aware that at no time will a representative of your financial institution, or any security-conscious institution, contact you to obtain, validate or discuss your "account number", credit card number or any other sensitive personal information. If you receive such a call, please end the conversation immediately and report the incident to your credit union or institution.