Easy moves require planning on part of Airmen, DoD

CANNON AIR FORCE BASE, N.M. -- Airmen expecting to transfer to a new assignment this summer should know it is the peak season for Department of Defense personal property moves. 

According to Lt. Col. David Holt, Colorado Springs Joint Personal Property Shipping Office (JPPSO) director, their focus is on getting members’ requested move dates early to reduce stress throughout their move process. During peak season, commercial moving companies will be saturated and their capacity to accept moves will be limited as many moving dates fill up quickly. As a general rule, the last week of the month is the busiest time for moves. 

Colonel Holt suggests the following tips to help alleviate stress that may arise during moving: 

1) Make an appointment upon receiving new assignment orders and not later than 45 days in advance of the requested pack and pick-up dates. This allows adequate time for the booking section to get a carrier arranged. After a carrier is booked, Airmen will receive an automated phone call followed by an e-mail confirming the carrier, local agent, contact information, and pack and pick-up dates. These dates will not be changed unless there is an emergency situation. 

2) Provide correct contact information for pickup origin, in-transit and destination. A cell phone is helpful for easy contact throughout the move process. 

3) Airmen should ask questions if they are uncertain about a particular entitlement or move process. 

4) Upon reporting to the new duty station, Airmen should immediately contact the destination Travel Management Office with contact information and delivery instructions. Not contacting the destination TMO to provide updated contact information often results in inconvenience and possible costs to the servicemember. The destination TMO usually has two hours to notify Airmen of the shipment arrival and to make a decision to either put the property in temporary storage or deliver it to the Airman’s residence. Items placed in storage could take several days or weeks to retrieve during the summer, depending on location. 

Airmen should be pro-active and involved in the move process from counseling appointment to final delivery. The local TMO is focused on personal property move counseling and providing quality control inspectors, requiring timely communication between Airmen, the TMO and JPPSO. 

General information on moving household goods and helpful topics for getting ready for a move are available on the Air Force Move Web site home page at afmove.hq.af.mil. 

Other questions can be referred to the local TMO counselor at 784-2301 or the quality control section at 784-6375.