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Default Air Force Logo Keeping Airmen fit to fight with health promotions
Airmen that work under Air Force Special Operations Command deploy often. They provide support to combat operations around the world. It’s a task as demanding as any other major command, asking a lot from the human body and mind to excel. For Airmen at Cannon, the fight to stay physically relevant in modern warfare requires guidance and knowledge.
0 3/08
Default Air Force Logo Cannon Airmen reflect on convoy missions
During the height of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, many Airmen were asked to fulfill roles that did not typically fit their daily job descriptions.
0 10/18
Default Air Force Logo Celebrating 10 years of AFSOC at Cannon
Cannon’s Air Commandos are celebrating the 10th anniversary of the base being part of Air Force Special Operations Command by hosting multiple events on base Sept. 28 – 30, 2017.
0 9/30