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  • Celebrate a healthy Halloween

    With Halloween on Tuesday and the aisles of the grocery store lined with individually-wrapped candy, it is not surprising that this time of year is one of the most profitable for the candy industry, nor is it that one-third of American children and adolescents are either obese, overweight or becoming obese. According to the Robert Wood Johnson
  • 27th SFS Airmen train with Soldiers for Iraq duty

    Two hours of dry runs are over. Collective focus and stress levels rise as Fort Lewis Range 26 goes hot; the next assault would be live-fire. A fire team forms a four-man stack and moves to a building under the cover of smoke. Hand signals establish who would lead the assault, who would cover and who would breech. A shoulder pat gives the silent
  • Kids and colds - Treat the symptoms and start the waiting game

    The vast majority of cold-like illnesses in children are caused by viruses. The good news is these viruses almost always resolve on their own, due to the body's immune system. The bad news is there is little anyone can do to speed the recovery. All anyone can usually do is treat the symptoms and wait. Typical symptoms of an upper respiratory virus
  • Youth receives award for community service

    Victoria Adams, 15, is this year's Youth of the Year award for the Cannon Youth Center. Victoria has developed a reputation for excellence and having a servant's heart. Whether she is holding office as a member of Clovis High School's student council or being listed on the National Honor Roll, her accomplishments don't end there. She led her peers
  • Dads take baby steps toward learning the basics

    Nine male Airmen were racing to the finish with fierce competition Oct. 13. That is when they were not laughing and asking, "How do I do this again?" The Airmen spent the day at the Airmen and Family Readiness Center learning skills that may not be of first nature to them: they were learning the basics of being first-time dads. The fierce
  • Sports -- Club championship finishes up golf course season

    The Whispering Winds Golf Course Club Championship, the last major golf tournament of the season, was held on Sept. 15 and 16, with thirty-seven golfers competing for prizes and gift certificates. The player in the Championship Flight, who shot the lowest two-day gross score, was crowned the 2006 Club Champion. Brian Hollandsworth played two solid
  • Cannon pilot earns ACC flying instructor honors

    As a boy, Steven Frodsham was captivated by the model planes his dad displayed in their home. "My father transferred his love of flying to me," said Steven. "He had a bunch of model airplanes in the house and he just always loved military aircraft and aircraft in general, and would take me to air shows all the time." But one of his defining moments
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