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Adventure Year Round with Outdoor Recreation

  • Published
  • By By Airman 1st Class Gage Adison Daniel
  • 27th Special Operations Wing Public Affairs

Summer can be one of the greatest times of the year for adventure, whether it be the rush of cold water as you dive into a lake, the wind blowing through your hair as you zipline through the mountains or a calm horseback ride through a canyon.

These may seem far-fetched being stationed at Cannon Air Force Base but that’s where Cannon’s Outdoor Recreation has your back.

“We have something for everyone,” said John Underhill, the Outdoor Recreation Director. “Some days we’ll have trips specifically for couples to places like the Big Texan in Amarillo and other days we’ll have trips for everyone.”

Outdoor Rec. has a variety of opportunities to help escape the summer heat ranging from the base pool, a trip to a water park or even white water rafting, but the fun doesn’t stop there. Outdoor Rec. offers an array of trips year round.

During the winter season, getaways to ski and snowboard in the Rocky Mountains are common. Trips to local hockey games are offered as well.

For the rest of the year, trips to the seemingly endless Carlsbad Caverns to see its grand caves and towering crystals, the natural wonder that is white sands, amusement parks, baseball games and trips to the city for tax free days can be expected, along with a variety of other places around New Mexico and Eastern Texas.

Cannon’s Outdoor Rec. also runs the base pool, a skate park at Chavez Manor, Unity Park which hosts a disc golf course and a community garden.

On top of offering excursions, Outdoor Rec. also has items available for rent. These range from boats, campers, skis and camping gear to bounce houses, grills, and a variety of sports items.

“We have items that help people get together, have a good time, and allow people to go on their own adventures,” Underhill said.

To rent or go on a trip you must be a in the military, a dependent of someone in the military, a military-retiree, a DoD employee, or civilian employees.

To sign up for a trip you must make sure there is room and that you sign up at least a week in advance.

To rent you must show up in person, check that the item is available for the dates you wish to have it with an Outdoor Rec. employee and pay.

Also offered is Information Ticket and Travel. Through this program tickets to sporting events, amusement parks, water parks and more are offered at a discounted price.

“There’s more to Cannon and the surrounding area than people realize,” Underhill said. “I like to help people get out and into different environments.”

For more information, call the Cannon AFB Outdoor Recreation at (575) 784-2773.