This group conducts infiltration/exfiltration, combat support, tilt-rotor operations, aerial refueling, close air support, unmanned aerial vehicle operations, non-standard aviation, and other special missions by directing the deployment, employment, training, and planning for squadrons that operate the AC-130W, MC-130J, CV-22B, U-28A, MQ-9 and support flying operations.
This group is responsible for all flightline and back shop maintenance in support of assigned AC-130W, MC-130J, CV-22B and MQ-1/9 aircraft, while providing contract oversight of civilian maintenance on three Non-Standard Aviation program aircraft types, and managing more than 90 facilities and annual budget in excess of $30 million.
The primary mission of this group is to provide combat support and base sustainment services to ensure the mission readiness of the wing, which includes providing housing, facilities/infrastructure, fire protection, environmental management, explosive ordnance disposal, disaster preparedness, food service, law enforcement and security, communications, personnel support and other base services as well as recreation activities.
Their mission is to presents and prepare medically ready Air Force Special Operations Forces, and conduct global special operations medicine. Their vision of precise, reliable and responsive special operations medicine… any time, any place is realized through generating the highest quality healthcare, developing exceptional Air Commando medics and employing responsible stewardship.
These agencies provide command management and a wide variety of services to almost everyone on base. They work directly for the wing commander, vice wing commander and the command chief to meet mission requirements.

27th special operations wing


The 27th Special Operations Wing at Cannon Air Force Base, New Mexico, is one of four Air Force active duty Special Operations wings within Air Force Special Operations Command. 


The primary mission of the 27 SOW is to execute specialized airpower from a premier installation.


The wing's core missions include close air support, agile combat support, information operations, precision strike, forward presence and engagement, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance operations, and specialized mobility.


The 27 SOW is a pivotal component of AFSOC's ability to provide and conduct special operations missions ranging from precision application of firepower to infiltration, exfiltration, resupply, and refueling of special operations forces. In addition, the 27 SOW brings distinctive intelligence capabilities to the fight, including ISR, predictive analysis, and targeting expertise to joint special operations forces and combat search and rescue operations.



As of Dec. 1, 2014, Cannon employs approximately 4,600 military personnel. The wing is divided into four groups and the staff agencies: 



  • 27th Special Operations Support Squadron, provides operations support to flight operations  

  • 3rd Special Operations Squadron, MQ-9 Reaper

  • 9th Special Operations Squadron, MC-130J Commando II

  • 12th Special Operations Squadron, provides remotely piloted aircraft launch and recovery operations

  • 16th Special Operations Squadron, AC-130W Stinger II

  • 17th Special Operations Squadron, AC-130J Ghostrider

  • 20th Special Operations Squadron, CV-22 Osprey  

  • 33rd Special Operations Squadron, MQ-9 Reaper  

  • 56th Special Operations Intelligence Squadron, provides specialized intelligence support   

  • 318th Special Operations Squadron, U-28A Draco

  • 310th Special Operations Squadron, U-28A Draco


  • 27th Special Operations Maintenance Squadron, Accessories, AGE, Armament, Avionics, CV-22 Phase, Fabrications, Hydraulics, Maintenance Flight and Munitions  

  • 27th Special Operations Aircraft Maintenance Squadron, 9 AMU and 16 AMU     

  • 727th Special Operations Aircraft Maintenance Squadron, 3 AMU and 20 AMU  


  • 27th Special Operations Civil Engineer Squadron  

  • 27th Special Operations Communications Squadron  

  • 27th Special Operations Contracting Squadron  

  • 27th Special Operations Logistics Readiness Squadron  

  • 27th Special Operations Security Forces Squadron

  • 27th Special Operations Force Support Squadron  


  • 27th Special Operations Aerospace Medicine Squadron  

  • 27th Special Operations Medical Operations Squadron  

  • 27th Special Operations Medical Support Squadron  


  • 27th Special Operations Air Operations Squadron  

  • 27th Special Operations Comptroller Squadron  

  • Various other wing agencies: Public Affairs, Staff Judge Advocate, Equal Opportunity, Inspector General, etc.


  • 26th Special Tactics Squadron

  • 43rd Intelligence Squadron


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