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  • Cannon honors 77th anniversary of Pearl Harbor

    CANNON AIR FORCE BASE, N. M. - Base Honor Guardsmen raised the American flag at 10:48 a.m. local time, at the wing building on base Dec. 7, 2018. This event happened exactly 77 years from the minute when Imperial Japanese aircraft descended upon the naval base at Pearl Harbor and began a surprise attack. The ceremony was in remembrance of those who
  • Fallen Air Commando honored by hometown dedication

    One of the fallen crew members of Demise 25, a U-28A aircraft assigned to the 318th Special Operations Squadron that crashed March 14, 2017, has recently been honored near his hometown through a dedication made in his name.Maj. Andrew Becker, also known as Andy and the lead pilot of Demise 25, had his name dedicated to a two-mile stretch of road on
  • Jockey 14 memorial honors fallen airmen

    Air Commandos gathered March 13 to pay tribute to the crew of Jockey 14, a 16th Special Operations Squadron AC-130H Spectre gunship that crashed off the coast of Kenya in 1994.The 27th Special Operations Wing Commander, Col. Ben Maitre, narrated a portion of the ceremony, which included a commemorative wreath laying, outlining the sequence of the
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