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  • Supporting children at Cannon: Month of the Military Child

    “Dear Military Brat, Welcome to your next assignment and new home …”This is the opening sentence of a letter introduced to children of soon-to-be Air Commando parents when they arrive at Cannon Air Force Base in the high plains of eastern New Mexico. The idea for the letter, as with many of Brandon Mammano’s ideas, began at an unassuming dining
  • The Air Force Assistance Fund campaign for Cannon Air Force Base is underway

    The Air Force Assistance Fund campaign for Cannon Air Force Base is underway from April 10 through May 19.This year’s theme, “Committed to Caring,” hopes to perpetuate the ongoing efforts of Airmen assisting Airmen through the Air Force Aid Society, Air Force Village, Air Force Enlisted Village, and General and Mrs. Curtis E. LeMay Foundation.“The
  • 27 SOW tests new refueling equipment

    Cannon is at the forefront of testing for a piece of equipment that helps extend the missions of Air Force Special Operations flights at home and overseas.Enter the variable speed drogue, now under testing managed by Hydraulics journeymen with the 27th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron, 9th Aircraft Maintenance Unit.A piece of aerial refueling
  • The Green Beret Experience

      I squeezed… I squeezed again… Nothing. I pulled on the trigger once more hoping for a different result but the ‘third time’s a charm’ method didn’t work for me. I ejected the magazine from my M4 knowing full well the 30-round clip couldn’t be empty as I had only popped off a few shots before my failure to fire happened. My eyes peered into the
  • ROX cultivates Cannon daughters’ strength, confidence

    Cannon is celebrating the Month of the Military Child in April, but our helping agencies work all year round to keep Airmen and their families resilient. When Master Sgt. Shakia Knight, 727th Special Operations Aircraft Maintenance Squadron first sergeant, came across ROX, she knew she had found a program that would fit the 27 SOW’s commitment to
  • Congressional staff delegation visits Cannon

    Security and investigations staff assistants with the House Appropriations Committee visited Cannon to learn about the 27 SOW’s previous and ongoing Military Construction accomplishments. Melissa Garcia and David Hickman were hosted by 27th Special Operations Civil Engineer Squadron deputy Steve Hill, who aimed to share the lessons that Cannon has
  • Media Release - Downed aircraft update: Three Airmen killed in U-28 crash identified

    The aircrew members of the crashed U-28A aircraft from Cannon Air Force Base have been identified.Captain Andrew Becker, 33, was a pilot for the 318th Special Operations Squadron. He was from Novi, Mich., and is survived by his spouse, mother, and father.Captain Kenneth Dalga, 29, was a combat systems officer for the 318th Special Operations
  • Media Release - Downed aircraft update: Three Airmen killed

    Three Airmen assigned to the 318th Special Operations Squadron were killed following a U-28A crash during a training sortie Tuesday evening at 6:50 p.m.The crash occurred approximately one quarter-mile east of Clovis Municipal Airport.“We are deeply saddened by this loss within our Air Commando family,” said Col. Ben Maitre, the installation
  • Media Release - Downed aircraft at Clovis Municipal

    A Cannon Air Force Base-assigned U-28A with three persons onboard crashed during a training sortie Wednesday evening at 6:50 p.m., in a field just outside of Clovis Municipal Airport. Names of the aircrew will not be released until confirmation of their status and next of kin have been notified.The incident caused a fire that was extinguished by
  • Emerald Warrior 17 comes to a close

    After two successful weeks of irregular warfare training, Emerald Warrior 2017 ended March 10.Approximately 1,600 conventional and special operations forces from the Air Force, Army, Navy, Marine Corps and Diplomatic Security Service Mobile Security Deployments participated in the 10th iteration of the exercise, along with partner nation forces

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