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  • Legal office sponsors ‘Separation of powers’ art contest

    Congress has declared Monday as “Law Day,” a day for all Americans to celebrate the practice of law and justice. In 1958 President Dwight Eisenhower proclaimed Law Day to strengthen the heritage of liberty, justice and equality under the law. In 1961 a joint resolution of Congress designated the first day of May as the official date to provide
  • Force Shaping calls for early career planning

    The Career Job Reservation (CJR) program is one of the tools used to maintain Force Shaping and to prevent surpluses and shortages of personnel in specific career fields in the Air Force. The program is managed by Headquarters, Air Force Personnel Center to control first-term reenlistments according to the requirements for each Air Force Specialty
  • Military children volunteer, earn college money

    Cannon youth programs can help teens earn money toward their college tuition. The Youth Employment Skills (YES) program, funded by Air Force Aid Society, offers high school dependents of active duty military members an opportunity to learn valuable work skills while positively impacting base agencies. High school students, grades nine through 12,
  • Pet-friendly rooms at Caprock Inn

    Cannon’s “pet friendly room” program has been in operation for nine months at the Caprock Inn to provide guests with a cost-effective means to allow animals to travel with them. Caprock has nine rooms that are considered pet-friendly and appropriate for families traveling with their pets, said Michelle Fry, Caprock Inn’s manager. Guests pay an
  • Armament shop streamlines weapon inspection

    Though maintenance shops throughout the Air Force perform preventative maintenance on their equipment, one Cannon shop has spearheaded the effort to minimize the downtime of operational jets in each aircraft maintenance unit. The Cannon Armament got a head start on Air Force Smart Operations for the 21st Century (Smart Ops 21) eliminating three
  • Legacy of change continues with Cannon Smart Operations 21

    During my 24 years of service, I have witnessed people wearing the blue uniform adapt to numerous changes in our Air Force. Simple changes that ranged from the location of officer rank insignia on the service dress uniform, to the wearing, and then not wearing of aircrew patches on battle dress unforms, to major organizational changes such as the
  • Wall of Heroes inductee recounts Korea’s ‘Frozen Chosin’

    Every structure requires a firm, steadfast foundation and each piece of that structure relies on the foundation to uphold and support it all. The Airman Leadership School is an important piece in the structure of the Air Force and its students rely heavily on the foundation laid by those who have sacrificed so much for the sake of liberty and
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