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  • Wall of Heroes inductee recounts Korea’s ‘Frozen Chosin’

    Every structure requires a firm, steadfast foundation and each piece of that structure relies on the foundation to uphold and support it all. The Airman Leadership School is an important piece in the structure of the Air Force and its students rely heavily on the foundation laid by those who have sacrificed so much for the sake of liberty and
  • Felines find friends, sanctuary in Clovis shelter

    When an unfortunate accident took the life of his cat, Sundance, Doug Johnson promised he was not going to watch another cat needlessly die. That was four years and more than 8,156 cats ago. Since then, Mr. Johnson has turned his attention to making better lives for homeless cats by building a home where cats can live until they are adopted. Some
  • Kite Karnival makes a hit for third year

    It has been said the wind always blows in this part of New Mexico. Unless the wind is needed for Cannon’s 3rd Annual Kite Karnival. While there was little wind for the Karnival at Doc Stewart Park, attendees enjoyed a variety of activities such as free games and rides, entertainment by the Dance and Cheer Force, making their own miniature kites
  • Warrior Week keeps Team Cannon prepared

    More than 1,600 Airmen from throughout the 27th Fighter Wing set aside their usual duties over the last five days to participate in Warrior Week. “I’m proud of the men and women of the 27th Fighter Wing,” said Col. Scott West, 27th Fighter Wing commander. “This week we pre-empted our operation and maintenance training to enable us to focus on
  • Mission to Mars gives children new view of universe

    On April 7, Cannon’s Hangar 208 briefly changed its mission from storing F-16’s to setting up a Martian colony. As 350 fifth-grade students converged in the hangar to participate in Mars Missions Flight (MMF), they were grouped with children from other schools. MMF is a phase of the Air Force STARBASE La Luz Academy, a DoD program sponsored by the
  • Clinic fights breast cancer

    Early detection saves lives. Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer in women, affecting approximately 10 percent of all women in the Western world, said Tech. Sgt. Andrea Lee, 27th Medical Operations Squadron. While efforts have been made to achieve early detection and effective treatment, about 20 percent of all women diagnosed with
  • Las Vegas game comes to The Landing

    Tonight players will have the opportunity to take their chances at a $300 prize in a Texas Hold’em Tournament at The Landing. Tickets go on sale at 6 p.m. and the tournament starts at 7 p.m. A disc jockey will perform at 9 p.m. in the Pit. The basics of the game are simple but can take a lifetime to master according to Chief Master Sgt. Gary
  • Air Force Assistance Fund drive heads down home stretch

    The Air Force Aid Society (AFAS) is one of the four foundations funded by the Air Force Assistance Fund (AFAF), but is, perhaps, the most notable for Airmen. AFAS assists Airmen of need, and according to one Cannon Airman, that is just what it has done. Tech. Sgt. Heather Jones, 27th Comptroller Squadron, benefited from AFAS help on two different
  • Cannon adopts program to minimize paperwork, streamline transfers

    Beginning April 17 the 27th Medical Group providers will be using a new computer program to document healthcare. This program is part of a new computer information system being added to the medical treatment facilities’ (MTF) existing technologies. This system is replacing current paper-based records with a permanent, computer-based patient
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