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  • Food on the front lines of COVID-19

    27 SOFSS balances feeding quarantined Airmen, base population during pandemic.
  • Airmen from 33 SOS keep morale high w/ star wars celebrations

    During these trying times, some use books and movies to get by. These Airmen use the force.
  • Asian Pacific Heritage Month Continues

    Members of Cannon’s Asian Pacific American Heritage Association teamed up with members of the 27th Special Operations Force Support Squadron to hold a free event to celebrate the start of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month on May 2nd at Cannon Air Force Base, N.M.The event was held to provide entertainment to members of Cannon and raise
  • The last days of normalcy: how my squadron is persevering through COVID-19

    A commander's commentary on his unit's perseverance and hard work in an unprecedented pandemic.
  • Maintaining the Pace

    Air Commando maintainers keep Cannon’s mission on course during pandemic.
  • Cannon Airmen volunteer to help retirees with medication point o

    Prescription medications for patients are sorted into buckets at a prescription point of distribution at Cannon Air Force Base, New Mexico, April 8, 2020. The process for patients obtaining medication starts with them either calling the automated refill line at 575-784-4912 or reach out to a technician for new prescriptions at 575-784-4018. (U.S.
  • On empty base streets, a woman and her daughter are chalking messages of hope

    Like ocean waves, news of COVID-19 creeps further ashore the flat lands of Eastern New Mexico. Those used to their usual routine are preparing for a new normal dawning.
  • On the prowl: Cannon FD test new Panther firetruck

    Resting its rubber paws in the spacious garage of Cannon’s fire department, a new fire predator awaits the call to action.
  • Two sides of the rescue coin

    Sinéad Brosnan, the daughter of two Irish immigrants, searched for something more meaningful to do with her time in the small town of Florida, New York. Something that would give her and her family a sense of pride. More than after school sports or succeeding academically. As a self-proclaimed adrenaline junkie, there was probably not much to do in
  • Brothers in arms

    Sibling bonds can be one of the strongest relationships due to a shared upbringing and competitiveness. That strength can allow them to succeed together when following similar life paths. For two brothers here at Cannon, they understand the rarity and opportunity of being stationed together by taking full advantage the situation.
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