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  • Cannon Finance goes virtual

    The Cannon finance team recently rolled out the Comptroller Services Portal, a new virtual customer service program, that provides customers a secure way to create online inquiries, track in-progress inquiries from beginning to end and offers a unified platform to search for finance related regulations and articles.“The online site was created to
  • Cutting Edge Weapon, Next Level Defense

    27 SOSFS transitions to new handgun system
  • A Dream Pursued

    A trainee silently walks through the chow hall line on his first day of basic training. He holds his tray up despite being told not to. A training instructor approaches him, shouting at the trainee to put down the tray and push it. The trainee stares at him, confused. The instructor stops yelling after realizing the trainee’s disoriented
  • Leading Progress, Commanding History

    Cannon Airmen conquer career challenges to become first all-female AFSOC RPA operations leadership duo.
  • 27 SOLRS, NDTE team ensures ‘no cracks in the armor’ for troops

    The testing and accountability for the vast number of ballistic plates throughout the military falls on the shoulders of Non-Destructive Testing Equipment teams. Recently, a NDTE crew traveled to Cannon to conduct their testing methods on approximately 20,000 hard armor inserts.
  • Behind the Boom

    Cannon’s AMMO troops power explosive mission with unique culture.
  • Cannon AAFES Makes Annual Donation to Base MWR Fund

    Over $370,000 raised for base quality-of-life programs.
  • Radar Approach Control keeps Cannon flying amidst pandemic

    When a MC-130J leaves Cannon, they ensure communication with the air traffic control tower to make sure they can safely depart. But as they climb into the sky, they aren’t able to keep in contact with the tower. But instead of flying blind, the pilots rely on the guidance of the 27th Special Operations Support Squadron’s Radar Approach
  • 27 SOLRS, multiple units execute quarantine requirement for deployments

    COVID-19 has stopped, or at least slowed down, many normal work activities. However, one aspect of Cannon’s mission that has remained operating under these unique circumstances is the requirement to keep fulfilling deployment obligations.Members of the 27th Special Operations Logistics Readiness Squadron are continuing to lead  deployment efforts
  • Secretary Barbara Barrett meets Cannon Airmen, learns base readiness

    The Honorable Barbara Barrett, Secretary of the Air Force, toured Cannon and visited several units May 20, 2020.
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