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  • Cannon Hosts Second Reaper Smoke Event

    Members from 25 remotely-piloted aircraft squadrons from across the Air Force, including Air Force Special Operations Command, Air Combat Command, Air National Guard and Air Force Reserve units, came to Cannon Air Force Base to compete in the 2nd Annual Reaper Smoke Competition and Symposium from

  • The Spark of Innovation

    AFWERX is a U.S. Air Force program meant to bring new innovations and ideas to the service. It encompasses various smaller programs that foster growth and ingenuity within the Air Force, as well as build relationships with new entrepreneurs and cut the red tape of bureaucracy.

  • 27 SOAMXS Resiliency Day

    The 27th Special Operations Air Maintenance Squadron recently hosted a resiliency day for maintenance personnel on Cannon Air Force Base, NM. The event’s goal was to help maintenance service members learn to withstand, recover, and grow in the face of stressors and changing demands.  Resiliency days

  • Maintaining Music

    Music is inescapable. There is rhythm in everything just as there is air in our lungs. Whether people know it or not, they exhibit their own rhythm, their own cadence, their own songs. From the crescendo of an engine as a plane leaves the runway, the steady drip of a runny nose on a cold winter day,

  • An Interesting (Housing) Development

    The newly formed Private Residence Housing Council is available to all residents living in private housing on base here.Tech. Sgt. Andres GonzalezVasquez, 27th Special Operations Maintenance Group training manager, is also the President of the PRHC, a volunteer committee designed to assist with the

  • Changing Paths, Finding Skies

    As Cadet Bryan Driskell, who had sworn he would never want to fly for his first year at the Air Force Academy, flew thousands of feet in the air, the world beneath him and sky above him changed his mind. He had joined a flight class just to confirm his doubts about flying, was afraid of heights and

  • Best Job I Ever Had

    “Alright, just push the button and send it all the way.” “...all the way?” “All the way.”I did as instructed, and razed a field of unsuspecting steel targets with hundreds of bullets from an M134 minigun. As the smoke cleared and my adrenaline settled, I heard a man say “Best job you ever had, eh