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  • 27 SOAMXS Resiliency Day

    The 27th Special Operations Air Maintenance Squadron recently hosted a resiliency day for maintenance personnel on Cannon Air Force Base, NM. The event’s goal was to help maintenance service members learn to withstand, recover, and grow in the face of stressors and changing demands.  Resiliency days require extensive planning and precise execution
  • Maintaining Music

    Music is inescapable. There is rhythm in everything just as there is air in our lungs. Whether people know it or not, they exhibit their own rhythm, their own cadence, their own songs. From the crescendo of an engine as a plane leaves the runway, the steady drip of a runny nose on a cold winter day, to the squeak, squeak, squeaking of a desk chair
  • An Interesting (Housing) Development

    The newly formed Private Residence Housing Council is available to all residents living in private housing on base here.Tech. Sgt. Andres GonzalezVasquez, 27th Special Operations Maintenance Group training manager, is also the President of the PRHC, a volunteer committee designed to assist with the concerns and issues of the private housing
  • Changing Paths, Finding Skies

    As Cadet Bryan Driskell, who had sworn he would never want to fly for his first year at the Air Force Academy, flew thousands of feet in the air, the world beneath him and sky above him changed his mind. He had joined a flight class just to confirm his doubts about flying, was afraid of heights and knew that being a pilot is a dangerous career. He
  • Best Job I Ever Had

    “Alright, just push the button and send it all the way.” “...all the way?” “All the way.”I did as instructed, and razed a field of unsuspecting steel targets with hundreds of bullets from an M134 minigun. As the smoke cleared and my adrenaline settled, I heard a man say “Best job you ever had, eh Storer?”Indeed it was. At least, best volunteer job.
  • Ice Ice, Baby

  • The Show Must Go On

    The newly formed theatre club, base and local community members get an opportunity to express themselves artistically while still maintaining COVID-safe practices.
  • Petroleum, Oil and Lubricants: Fueling the Force

     It’s 6:57 A.M., three minutes before your alarm clock is set to go off, but you woke up early to the hum of a CV-22 Osprey starting up it’s engine and an AC-130W Stinger II barreling down the runway. This doesn’t happen every day, but it’s not uncommon either. The only difference in today is that you stopped to ask yourself “where does our base
  • Cannon medical group administers COVID-19 vaccine

    The first COVID-19 vaccines were administered to frontline responders at Cannon Air Force Base, N.M., January 7, 2021.With a collaborative effort between multiple squadrons from the 27th Special Operations Medical Group, the vaccine was able to be properly stored, transported, and administered to 20 personnel today.“Our medical group has been
  • 'Tis the Season for Responsible Drinking

    “Happy holidays!” We hear it every year amidst the hustle and bustle of the season, with countless friends, family, co-workers, and advertisements reminding us that this time of year is meant to be enjoyed. However, the holidays are also fraught with stressors that often stem from these very same sources. This stress adds up over time, and research
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