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Clovis HS athletes take on Cannon spec ops’ workout regimen

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Lane T. Plummer
  • 27th Special Operations Wing Public Affairs


They learned what it takes to be a Special Tactics Airman and how to maintain mission readiness at the 26th Special Tactics Squadron.

“What’s really cool about having these athletes over, is the ability to show them hard work through the operative’s perspective,” said Joe, 26th STS special operator. “They get to do so while in a world-class gymnasium that we use every day.”

The high school students took a brief tour through the 26th STS facility and were quickly put to the test as they performed exercises that Joe instructed them to do. From practicing physical form on the flightline to sweating through sets in the gym, the students followed a regimen that special operators use to maintain a high standard of physical ability.

It was a physically exhausting time for the students, but the focus wasn’t just on their bodies, Joe explained. “Mental resiliency is a valuable tool that is applicable anywhere from the fight to the football field,” Joe said. “The idea is to never let them say the word ‘quit.’ It’s the difference between boys and men.”

This opportunity to help the students grow as athletes and young adults is one the team’s coach, Cal Fullerton, hopes they will take to heart.

“We all got on the bus this morning, and the kids looked nervous but really pumped up,” Fullerton said. “I think they’re having the time of their life here. Being able to do stuff like this hopefully gives a spark for most of them.”

Resiliency is a key component of mission readiness for Air Commandos and having the motivation to get through a tough workout helps to ensure mission success across the board. The players got a taste of what it takes to ensure these Airmen are ready to execute special operations missions.