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Cannon continues Dedicated Crew Chief tradition

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Lane T. Plummer
  • 27th Special Operations Wing Public Affairs

Air crew members were honored in a Dedicated Crew Chief ceremony at Cannon Air Force Base, New Mexico, Jan. 26, 2018. The ceremony recognizes individuals for their role in maintaining aircraft across the Air Force, and instills a pride in ownership.


The tradition returned with leadership wanting to bring back a part of maintainer culture.


“I was honored [to be given] the chance to recognize our best aircraft maintainers in the 9th Aircraft Maintenance Unit with the title of Dedicated Crew Chief,” said Lt. Col. Michael Campos, 27th Special Operations Maintenance Squadron commander. “I was also extremely pleased to see a large contingent of 9th Special Operations Squadron members in the crowd. It was great to see the operators the 9th AMU works with on a daily basis come out to support our maintainers.”


The DCC program is a long standing Air Force tradition that is a unique privilege afforded to the best aircraft maintainers; it is the focal point for his or her assigned aircraft. They maintain the aircraft and are responsible for their overall health. They must display leadership skills, management ability, initiative and technical proficiency; all of which are necessary to ensuring air power is ready to be delivered across any contingency.


One way this ownership is displayed is by printing the names of the DCC on the aircraft they’re in charge of. This also lets aircrews know exactly whose aircraft they’re about to fly with.


DCCs have a crucial responsibility in ensuring the airworthiness of their aircraft. Aircrews put their trust in the DCC to provide them properly maintained aircraft that will bring them home safely. Also, maintenance leaders rely on them to communicate discrepancies and ensure timely corrective action is taken to fix aircraft.


“They are vital to the fleet’s health and mission success,” Campos said.


The following Airmen were given the title Dedicated Crew Chief for the MC-130J Commando II’s at Cannon:


Senior Airman Eric Parker

Staff Sgt. Nicholas Friese

Senior Airman Joseph Barrett

Staff Sgt. Monique Whitaker

Senior Airman Jorge Velez

Staff Sgt. Andrew Arguelles

Staff Sgt. Steven Forslund

Staff Sgt. Leshia Stinson

Staff Sgt. Ivan Brekstad

Staff Sgt. Bret Blodgett

Staff Sgt. Jacob Bakken

Staff Sgt. Jeffery Stephens

Staff Sgt. Samuel Hernandez