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Air Commandos visit middle school for Career Day

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  • 27th Special Operations Wing Public Affairs

Air Commandos visit middle school for Career Day

By Airman 1st Class Gage Adison Daniel

27th Special Operations Wing Public Affairs

CANNON AIR FORCE BASE, New Mexico - Air Commandos visited Yucca Middle School in Clovis, New Mexico for career day Feb. 27, 2018, to share with students their personal military experiences, career paths and the opportunities the military provided them.

“The event was a good opportunity to talk with the children and relate with them,” said Senior Airman Wayne Lufkins, 27th Special Operations Force Support Squadron services member. “We had the opportunity to let them know we are just like them and this is something we chose to do as well.”

Along with other community members, the Air Force personnel were able to speak with the students and open their minds to jobs within the community and military.

“I was able to present them with the option of the military,” said 1st. Lt. Jelisa Stevens, 27th Special Operations Maintenance Squadron aircraft maintenance officer. “It’s an option that offers many opportunities for people to pursue.”

Speaking to students at schools for events such as career day provides them with information the students might not have known and informs them on possible career paths they can take within the military.

“I know there is a giant misconception about the military among children,” Lufkins said. “When I spoke to the recruiter, even just military speakers, a lot of them said ‘you'll go here and carry a weapon, or blow this up.’ It’s an eye opener to see that you can do other kinds of things. You can be a cook, a fitness instructor or learn to run a business.”

Face-to-face interaction with students allows for more in-depth contact and allows for questions to be asked, some presenters brought props so the students could get their hands on equipment the military uses every day.

“When children see us in uniform, it interests them and they want to know more,” said Capt. Justin, 551st Special Operations Squadron member. “Children love to talk about planes and they look forward to coming on base, for open houses and seeing what we do.”

Justin added he enjoyed being able to expand the students' perspective on the military while giving back and volunteering his time.

“It felt good to speak to the children, inspire them and help direct them towards a successful life,” Stevens said.