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Welcome to AMMO Country

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Gage Daniel
  • 27th Special Operations Wing

Behind a barbed-wire fence, nestled in a corner of Cannon, is an area known as ‘Ammo Country.’ The compound of hangars and concrete-encased storage bunkers holds thousands of pounds of ammunition and explosive ordnance.

This series will cover the meticulous process of inspecting, building and transporting the plethora of munitions that sustains the Air Force’s reputation of lethality.

Inspections of assets is key to identifying any potential problems before the use of highly expensive and dangerous weapons.

The construction or building of different types of ammunition is just as important when dealing with different materials and processes that have to be completed in exact order.

Lastly, the transportation of munitions is the final step in arming our aircraft, stockpiling our storage facilities and weaponizing units.

It’s this continuous procedure happening in Ammo Country that keeps our forces combat ready.