Free childcare available for returning military
CANNON AIR FORCE BASE -- Angie Kosmicki is one of the Cannon's home daycare providers. Military members returning from extended deployments are eligible to receive up to 16 hours of free daycare. For more information, call 784-6560 or 784-7650 (Courtesy photo)
Free child care for military returning from extended deployments

by Denise VanDerwarker
Family Member Program Flight Chief

10/2/2007 - CANNON AIR FORCE BASE, N.M. -- Active duty members, Air National Guard and Air Force Reserve members returning from deployments may receive up to 16 hours of free child care following their return to their home station and their families.

The care will be provided in one of the Extended Duty Family Child Care homes on base that is currently under contract as part of an Air Force Services initiative to support members required to work extended hours.

The care will be provided on a space-available basis and is limited to children ages 12 years and under. Only members returning from deployments that were 30 days or longer more in length are eligible to use this service and the care must be used within 30 days of the return from the deployment.

If care is not available when first requested, the Family Child Care Coordinator will work to provide it later.

Military members may schedule care in the evenings or weekends to enjoy a movie, dinner or an evening with friends. The personal time assists with the reintegration process after separation from families and friends.

To schedule care or to ask questions about the program, contact the Jim Hernandez, Family Child Care coordinator, at 784-6560 or Denise VanDerwarker, Family Member Programs Flight chief at 784-7650.