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Cannon Helping Agencies


Alcohol and Drug Prevention and Treatment program 

Phone: 575-784-1108 

Building number: 1400 


Services for Active Duty members include:  

·        Evaluations  

·        Education and prevention briefing  

·        Treatment for alcohol, drugs and gambling


Airman & Family Readiness Center 

Phone: 575-784-4228 

Building number: 600 

Hours of operation: 0730 - 1630 (M-F) 


Services offered:  

·        Air Force Aid Society  

·        Family Readiness Program  

·        Volunteer Resource Program  

·        Career Focus Program  

·        Personal Financial Management Program  

·        Relocation Assistance Program  

·        Transition Assistance Program  

·        Family Life Consultant  

·        Casualty Assistance/Survivor Benefits  

·        School Liason Officer  

·        Discovery Center

Equal Opportunity

Phone: 575-784-2471 

Building number: 600 

Hours of operation: 0800 - 1600 (M - F) 


Services offered:  

·        Informal and Referral Services  

·        Training and Education, Specialized Briefings  

·        Informal and Formal Complaint Processing  

·        Alternate Dispute Resolution  

·        Communication and Team Building Exercises 


Click here to see EO page

Mental Health

Phone: 575-784-2778  

Building number: 1400 

Hours of operation: 0700 - 1700 (M-F) 


Services offered:  

·        Anger Management  

·        Bio-feedback  

·        Group Therapy  

·        Healthy Thinking Group  

·        Individual Therapy  

·        Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder  

·        Psychological Testing  

·        Referral Services  

·        Stress Management


Military & Family Life Counselor 

Phone: 575-825-9749

Building number: 600

Hours of operation: 0730 - 1630 (M-F) 


Services offered:

The MFLC program provides short-term, situation-based, problem solving, non-medical, "walk-around" life counseling services to active-duty military personnel and families, serving all branches of the military; as well as the National Guard, Reserves and their family members. Magellan also provides the Child and youth Behavioral Counselling Program, an extension of MFLC that is designed specifically for young family members and parents. All services are confidential with the exception of "duty to warn" (danger to self, others, domestic violence and child abuse). 

Area Defense Counsel

Phone: 575-784-2915 

Building number: 600 

Hours of operation: 0800 - 1630 (M-Th) 0800 - 1200 (F) 


Services offered:  

·        Represent Active Duty Air Force members in various adverse actions  

·        Provide complete attorney-client confidentiality


Freedom of Information Act 

Phone: 575-784-2129

Building number: 1 

Hours of operation: 0730 - 1630 (M-F) 


The Freedom of Information Act Program (DODR 5400.7) allows the general public including foreign citizens, military and civilian personnel acting as private citizens, to request records electronically or in writing from the Federal Government.  


Click here to see the FOIA page

Pregnancy Resource Center

Phone: 575-935-5433 

Hours of operation: 

            0900 - 1700 Monday, Wednesday and Thursday

            1200 - 2000 Tuesday


Services offered:  

•     Pregnancy tests  

•     Ultrasounds 

     Accurate education about abortion procedures and risks

•     Birth control education

     Prenatal, parenting and breastfeeding classes 

     Peer counseling

•     Abortion recovery services

•     Mentoring

     Material assistance for mother and baby

     Miscarriage and infant loss support


Phone: 575-784-1322  

Building number: 1400, 2nd Floor 

Hours of operation: 0700 - 1630 (M-F) 


Services offered:  

·        Monthly nutrition classes covering a wide range of topics:   

·        High Altitude Training Considerations   

·        Carb Loading   

·        Testosterone & Nutrition  

·        Supplements: What works?   

·        Pre & Probiotics    

·        Caffeine & Performance   

·        Vitamin D


Sexual Assault Response Coordinator 

Phone: 575-784-1014 

Building number: 1 

Hours of operation: 24/7 


Click here to see the SARC page


Airmen Against Drunk Driving 

Phone: 575-784-2233 


Airmen Against Drunk Driving is an Airman-run organization at Cannon that assists military members, dependents and civilian employees who have been drinking or are with others who have been drinking to get home safely as a "last resort". 


Click here to see the AADD page

AF Recruiter

Air Force Reserve In-Service Recruiter  

TSgt David Kastning

Phone: 575-784-2205 

Building number: 600; 2nd Floor  

Education Office


Phone: 575-784-2507 

Building number: 58 

Hours of operation: 0730 - 1630 (M-F) 


The Cannon Chapel is eager to serve you and your family while you are a part of the Cannon family. They seek to provide world class ministry to Air Force members and their families through religious observances, spiritual care and fellowship opportunities.

Family Advocacy

Phone: 575-784-2474 

Building number: 1400 

Hours of operation: 0700 - 1700 (M-F) 


Services offered:  

·        Maltreatment Services  

·        Outreach Program  

·        New Parent Support Program  

·        Dad's Class  

·        Preventative Treatment

Inspector General

Phone: 575-784-4469 

Building number: 600 

Hours of operation: 0730 - 1630 (M-F) 


Services offered:  

·        Complaint Resolution  

·        Congressional Inquiries  



Phone: 575-784-2211 

Building number: 60 


Services offered:  

·        Power of Attorney and Notary Services  

·        Claims Turn-In  

·        Wills  

·        Legal Assistance